Putin seeks and hopes for the disintegration of the West (especially the disintegration of the EU and the distancing of the US from Europe). Weaknesses of the European Union are visible and are reflected in the difficulties in constructing a common and uniform policy. Putin strives to ensure bilateral relations with individual countries which allows him to spin the differences of interest between them to his benefit. The Kremlin's policy is not without its effectiveness, although the Kremlin must have been surprised by the establishment of sanctions after the annexation of the Crimea.

Aggressive propaganda accompanies Russian aggression on Ukraine
Kremlin's "information warfare theory" grew bigger and became a crucial element of the "hybrid warfare"
Kremlin surprised the West with its propaganda activity, having used Internet very skillfully in their actions.
Huge means are being invested in propaganda activities in Russia. Targeted area is Russia itself, Ukraine and almost all of the western countries.
The essential message of Kremlin's propaganda is not only the necessity of recreating the Russian Empire but also the exposure of the decadence of the democratic societies of the West. This message is to justify the need for a civilizational change, which is to be done on the whole continent, and steered by Russia

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